Kovalam – A Village with a Beach!

Kovalam is a small village nearly 25 km from Chennai along the East Cost Road (ECR). It’s one of the favorite destinations for the locals of Chennai. Kovalam has been an important place of production of sea salt in the region. You can swim and go up to some 5 km into the ocean with proper safety gear. There are boat men who can take you into the ocean but you will have to pay them good. There is also a fungi and plankton research center near the shore.

I had the opportunity to click the sunset at the beach. There are a lot of coconut trees near the beach. Below is one of the shots of the sunset.

Two of my friends and I visited the place that day and one of my them held the helmet when I clicked the picture. The picture looks like a person carrying some sack like thing on his head.

The day we went to the beach was a full-moon day. The tides were rough that day. I was wanting to get some good shots with the DSLR and was happy to have got the following pictures.

I held my camera near my knee and took the following pictures to get a nice click. The tides missed me very close and I luckily saved my camera from getting wet.

My friend wanted a good picture that day and enthusiastically climbed on this rock only to get hit and wet by the tides. He was so excited that he jumped from the rock shouting loud.

Eddie Cantor once said “Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.” So, live your life happily. After all life’s once. 🙂

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