T.Nagar – Chennai’s China Town!

T.Nagar aka Thiyagaraya Nagar (Theagaraya Nagar) is one of the crowded places in Chennai. Being a shopping center of the city, the land price here is sky-high. You can get almost everything that starts from A-Z here except for a few at very reasonable prices (hopefully). People shop here for two continuous days without a break and shopkeepers earn some real good money. Ranganathan Street is one of the famous crowded streets in T.Nagar. It is very hard to see an empty street but I managed to pull off a picture of an empty street early in the morning. The street is also famous for being not very clean. 😀

Within 20 minutes of time, there were so many people walking on this street. Most of them were commuters who were changing from the suburban trains to the local city bus services.

There is small temple which is near the stairs that leads to the train station. I have known this temple right from my childhood. Not sure how many years it was there before my birth.

I would like to share some more portraits from the place. To know more about the place, visit here: T.Nagar

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