Besant Nagar is a name that is very popular among people here in Chennai and suburbs of Chennai. The place was named after Annie Besant who leaded the Theosophical society here. The place is home for Kalakshetra, the temple and academy of dance styles. Also, it is famous for the Ashtalakshmi temple, Arupadai Murugan temple and the all-time favorite beach.

I started off with the early morning sunrise with my bro Jaggy. We had gone there for a private shoot. I never did expect clouds early in the morning and to my surprise, the clouds were awesome that day.

And every time we visit the place, Murugan Idli shop falls in our itinerary.  I like the food there so much but unfortunately not the cost. :D. Also I hate the way they charge for Idli podi (cereal powder mixed with oil as side-dish for rice cakes) and the very small amount of ghee pongal (delicious boiled rice cooked with ghee).

I also had some office work to do that day which would earn me a 1000 bucks.  Not willing to lose the 1000 bucks and also not willing to miss the place, I had gone there with my laptop borrowing the mobile internet dongle from Jaggy. You would have heard of “Work from Office”, “Work from Home”. Have you come across “Work from Beach”? Sounds funny, ha?! Yes, but I did connect from the beach. Luckily the work was scheduled one hour later and I again resumed my work with the camera and started clicking around.

Finally, after spending some time there in the early morning breeze, we decided to move. I, however, still admired at the clouds and clicked another one below.